Digit-al Dozen Does Inspired By Each Other: Day 5

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have been enjoying this weeks Digit-al Dozen theme as much as me, today I have my final recreation to share with you. Read on to find out more...

This months final mani is a recreation of a gorgeous cherry mani from More Nail Polish this is the blog created by the amazingly talented Cathy. She has so many stunning eye catching designs it was really hard to choose.

I didn't even attempt to to do this free hand like Cathy as I am awful with dotting tools and liner brushes. 

So for my recreation I turned to my favourite way of creating nail art, stamping. Yay! For the red holographic I used 'Elmo' from Esmaltes Da Kelly. Then for all the stamping I used Bundle Monster BM-XL323 from their Kawaii collection, I can never resist inanimate objects with extra cute faces on. One thing unfortunately is that Elmo stained my stamper when I used it to fill in the cherries, totally gutted as I used my go to clear jelly stamper big bling :( It does not stain when you just use it as a regular and stamping polish, which is quite strange. 

As always all of the other amazing ladies mani's will be linked down below. 

I have really enjoyed doing this months theme, it was so much fun and I could easily carry on doing recreations of every ones mani's. Picking 5 was so hard as their are so many more talented nail artists in this group. I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as me, see you back here next week with some more nail goodies.


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