Kiki London: Exotic Summer 2022

 **Gifted For Review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

We are now coming to that fun time of year where we start seeing those gorgeous neon/bright collections for Summer; definitely one of my favourite times of year not for the heat but for the gorgeous colours that are released. Kiki London have recently released their Exotic summer collection, and they do not disappoint so many pretty colours. Read on to find out more… 

This beautiful collection consists of 8 different gel polishes, each one beautiful and perfect for Summer. this new collection is also the debut of the new 15ml bottles, they have colourful labels and the name of each polish on the front. Along with the plastic swatch tops, which makes finding each colour in your collection a lot easier and pleasing to the eye. 

Just Peachy

Just Peachy: A bright almost neon peachy orange gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a non wipe glossy top coat. this is the perfect beach colour to wear on your toes for the summer.

Price: £8.99

Parrot Green

Parrot Green: is a neon lime green with a yellow undertone gel, swatch is 3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is a really unique green to my collection it hoovers over the line between green and yellow, if you are looking for a stand out colour on your nails this season then this is a great one for you.

Price: £8.99

Paradise Red

Paradise Red: A bright fire engine red gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. If you are looking for that fabulous quintessential summer red. 

Price: £8.99  

Pink Me Up

Pink Me Up: A bright barbie pink gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. As a pink lover I adore this one, its so pretty on the nail and a must have if you want all the shades of pink like me. 

Price: £8.99

Exotic Mango

Exotic Mango: a rich mango yellow gel, swatch is 3 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. This is quite a unique yellow to my collection and absolutely perfect one for the summer months. 

Price: £8.99

Peri Nice

Peri Nice: A beautiful periwinkle blue/purple gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. I’m always a lover of periwinkle its just such a pleasing colour to the eye and not too bright if your going for a more subdued nail. 

Price: £8.99


Pistachio: A pretty light pastel green gel, swatch is 2-3 coats plus no wipe glossy top coat. A really gorgeous shade of green and a very pretty one to wear on the beach. 

Price: £8.99

Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon Sugar: A really nice watermelon toned pink gel, swatch is 2 coats plus a no wipe glossy top coat. Perfect summer shade and a must have for summer.

Price: £8.99

I am really loving this collection there are so many pretty colours to choose from each one giving a new fun summer manicure look. I also adore the new bottles getting lots more product for your money and they are extremely pleasing to the eye. Each gel polish had a nice to handle formula and evened out well and cured perfectly under the lamp. 

This collection is available now from you can get the full 8 piece collection for £69.99 or individually at £8.99. Don’t forget you can also use my code FTNAILS10 for 10% off your orders. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this new summer collection, which gel is your favourite? Let me know down in the comments section below. 

I really enjoyed these polishes and I also have numerous nail art looks up on my Instagram to go with them, make sure to be following so you don’t miss any of my new mani’s and reels.

As always I hope you have enjoyed todays post and big thank you for your continued support in reading my blog. Can’t believe its nearly been 7 years now! Also want to say a massive thank you to Kiki London for sending me these polishes to review for you all.

See you lovely fairies back here soon with lots more fun nail goodies to share. 


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