Moyou London: Gel Nails Semi-Cured Gel Wraps

 **PR gifted in exchange for my honest review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

A super exciting post for you today; I was over the moon when Moyou London one of my favourite brands contacted me recently to ask if I would like to review a new product they are launching. Of course my answer was a big yes! So for today I have these fun new to me gel nail wraps to share with you, read on to find out more.

I do love trying new products related to nail and I always love a good gel product. These wraps are designed to help create an artistic nail art manicure with very simple quick steps. 

There are multiple designs to choose from each set comes with 20 nail wraps a wooden stick to help with application and a nail file to remove excess once applied to the nail. All you will need at home is a UV lamp and some alcohol pads to remove any residue on your nails. 

Set 14

The first set is set 15 this offers a beautiful set se of negative space paired with geometric patterns and floral accents in pastel blue, gold and black. These look so pretty and sophisticated as a set and would be fabulous for a day out or a holiday.

Set 15

The second set I have to show you gives your the perfect pop of colour, instead of a traditional french manicure you get the choice of an assortment of rainbow colours to create a more hip version of a classic mani.

I was super impressed by these nail wraps they were super simple to use and created such a lovely look without any need for extra skills or time. So if you are looking for a way to create a manicure that will last a long time has simple application and pops off without damaging your nails I would definitely recommend giving these a go.

I have crated a little collage to show you the simple step by step process so I hope this helps. 

Each of these sets will be available on the Moyou London website from the 10th June 2022, there are 25 sets to choose from and they will are priced at £12.99 per set, which considering how long these can last I would definitely say is worth it. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this new product from Moyou London, have you use any gel nail wraps before? Let me know down in the comments. 

As always hope you have enjoyed todays post and a big thank you to Moyou London for sending me these to review for you all. Stay safe my lovelies and I will see you back here soon with some more nail goodies. 

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