Uber Chic Beauty: Be Bold

 ** Gifted in exchange for my honest review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

It is now the summer holidays and a couple  of days in I already need so much more food in my house. Unlimited amount of snacks needed! Now that we have had my mum life update lets take a look at this gorgeous new Uber chic plate kindly sent to me from the lovely Annette at rainbow connection. So let’s take a look at this new fun patterned plate.

This plate is perfect for all those who are wanting to make a statement with some gorgeous bold nails.

This plate is full of pretty full sized nail designs and some singular images that are great to go with the larger designs. They will all work well for both short and longer nails and can be used with different base colours to create unique looks each time.

The first design I chose to do is some simple black stamping over a crème gradient base.

For the next design i had a neutral glitter reflective base and then used the colour placement technique for the stamping.

Probably my favourite design I did with this plate are the rainbow gradient falling squares using the reverse stamping technique where you're filling in the colour of the image.

For my final design I went for some bold black and white stamping and used the word image as an accent nail.

Another fabulous plate from Uber Chic Beauty that will suit many peoples styles and be good to use in so many different designs. 

This gorgeous plate is available now from Rainbow Connection for £13.

If you want the full details of what I've used for all these designs then make sure you are following me on Instagram. Also if you want me to make a stamping 101 blog post explaining in further detail how to do these different techniques and what are my go to and must have products with some tips and tricks then please let me know down in the comments.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post and a big thank you to the lovely Annette for sending me this pretty plate to review for you all.

Take care my lovely fairies and I will see you back here soon with plenty more nail goodies to share.

Coming Up: Barry M 40th Birthday Gellys


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