Uber Chic Beauty: Whimsical By Nature

**Gifted in exchange for my honest review**

Hello my lovely fairies!

Hope we are all keeping well, I have another fabulous Uber Chic Beauty plate to share with you today kindly gifted to me from the lovely Annette at Rainbow Connection. So let’s take a look at this beautiful new floral plate.

Whimsical By Nature

This plate is absolutely full of intricate floral designs both large and small, lots of opportunity to do plain stamping, reverse stamping and even some lead lighting. There is definitely plenty of designs to suit all tastes and nail sizes.

I found each image super inspirational and especially loved the amount of detail on the plate. For full details on what I used in each design pop over to my Instagram

This plate is available now from Rainbow Connection for £13.

I really loved playing with this plate there were so many gorgeous designs to choose from, it could definitely be used for lots of different looks and it’s a great one for all you floral lovers.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post and another big thank you to Annette for sending me this plate to review. 

Let me know what other designs you would like to see with this plate and I’ll see what I can do. Take care my lovely fairies.

Coming Up: Bees Knees Rainbow Connection Exclusives


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