New Polishes from Level Up Lacquer- Swatch & Review

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Hello, my lovely readers, well the weekend has been and gone once again. They go so fast for me, Saturday was spent doing housework and Sunday we went to Nan's for our usual roast dinner. I love the tradition of all the family sitting around the table and catching up on the past weeks events. So for today's post I have 3 beautiful new polishes from Level Up Lacquer, these were sent to me by the lovely Ashley to review for you all. So let's take a closer look!

The duo chrome called Bronze Age is available in her store now, and the other two will be added to the already existing Overwatch collection on the 17th of February. I was really impressed with the formula of all three of these beautiful polishes. 

This beautiful duo chrome is called Bronze Age, it is a bronzey gold to green duo chrome. It is fully opaque in 2 coats and so easy to apply. Catching that beautiful shift on camera was a pain in the bum LOL so I will have a short video up on Instagram showing you that shift in action. The formula was really lovely I sometimes find with most duo chromes they are quite sheer but this one was lovely and opaque, it dries to a dull finish so you will want a nice shiny top coat. 

The second polish is being added to the Overwatch collection, this is Boop. A gorgeous purply pink creme with dark pink small hex glitters. This was another one that was so easy to apply, it goes on really smooth and levels out nicely. This is another 2 coater polish, nice and opaque and the layers make it look really squishy. This dries to a nice shiny finish I did use a fast dry top coat for my swatches, mostly out of habit. 

The last polish is probably my favourite, this is a stunning thermal polish called My Reality. The above swatch is when it is warm, it is a nice clear slightly blue colour with white and blue micro glitters.

When the polish is in its cold state it goes to this beautiful bright blue colour.

The final swatch pic is the polish when it is transitioning between cold and warm, this polish is so beautiful. It took two coats to be fully opaque and went on so smoothly, I really love this polish with those glitters it remind me of winter and snow falling. It is definitely one of the more effective thermal polishes I have tried, it changes so nicely between the two colours. I will also have a small video on Instagram showing this change for you.

Overall I was really impressed and pleased with these polishes, all of the Level Up Lacquer polishes I own have been a pleasure to work with and so unique. All of Ashley's polishes are 5 free and cruelty-free, her inspiration is normally gaming and all things geeky so a girl after my own heart. Out of the three polishes, I would definitely say that the thermal is my favourite, but the other 2 are really stunning unique polishes too. As I mentioned Bronze Age is available now and My Reality and Boop will release on the 17th of February. I will leave links to the store and all of the Level Up Lacquer social media down below. 

I would love to know your thoughts on these polishes? Which one is your favourite? Let me know down below. As always my fabulous readers have a fantastic nail day and I will chat to you all again soon. 


  1. Gorgeous swatches lovely! I really need Boop, I love it! xx

    1. Thank you sweetie, it's lovely and squishy :) xx

  2. That thermal is such a fun polish!!

  3. How pretty is My Reality! I love the clear-to-blue transition as it warms up.

  4. I love thermals - this one here is perfection! My Reality is definitely my favorite!

  5. Gorgeous polishes and I agree that the thermal is the most impressive. It's def very winter esque!
    Vicky xx

  6. Very nice swatches of these pretty polishes.

  7. My Reality is super unique! Love it!

  8. I'm in love with My Reality!

  9. that thermal blue is absolutely gorgeous and I love your swatches!

  10. Wow, love that thermal blue!!!

  11. I loooooove thermal polishes! My Reality is fabulous!

  12. That thermal is really incredible!

  13. These shades are all so gorgeous! I am totally eyeballing The Boop as it's the perfect me shade. Such a gorgeous pink!

  14. Bronze Age and My Reality are awesome! Love that thermal for a winter look.


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