26 Great Nail Art Idea's- Animal Silhouette

Welcome back lovelies, we have finally reached Friday not sure why but the last few days of this week have really dragged. No plans for the weekend really maybe a trip to the park, which is one of Lexi's favourite things to do right now. So today's post is another prompt for the Crumpets Nail Tarts challenge, this time we had a choice between doing animal or beach silhouette mani's. Because it wasn't that long ago I did a beach mani I decided to use the animal prompt.

I am not going to lie this is a very last minute mani, I mean it was only about half an hour ago that I finished. I have spent most of the day setting up my new Macbook and last night it was far too hot for nails. I still quite like how these turned out considering I had no clue what to do.

For the gradient base I used two Models Own polishes from their new Aquaproof collection, I will have a full review on all the polishes from this collection up on Monday. The two polishes I used for the gradient are Airtight Turquoise and Impervious Pink two beautiful neon cremes that blend really well together.

For the stamping and hummingbird I used two items from Whats Up Nails, I am in love with their stamping plates and their vinyls are really easy to apply and some of the best I have used. This stamping plate is called Fields of Flowers, I have used this plate for so many different manicures and I love it. It's beautifully etched and have no problems picking up the images. 

So for a mani I just threw together at the last minute I am really liking it. The Models Own polishes have really impressed me and I am in love with the Aquaproof collection. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done for this weeks prompt, as always they will all be linked in the In-Linkz down below.

Would love to know what you think of these spur of the moment nails? Let me know down below. As always have a fabulous weekend lovelies and I will chat to you all again on Monday.


  1. So beautiful and perfect for the theme. Those little hummingbirds are beautiful & I love your gradient colour choice!
    Vicky x


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