Sparklea Nail Polish Goosebumps Collection- Swatch & Review

Welcome back guys, October is just flying by and I am running out of time to share with you all of the Halloween themed collections and stamping plates I have acquired. So for a while I might be posting more often than normal, hence two posts two days in a row. For today I have three of the polishes from the recently released Goosebumps collection from Sparklea Nail Polish.

This collection has those typical colours you will see around Halloween, they are based off of the Children's Goosebumps book series, I actually read a couple of these when I was younger so I was excited to get my hands on these polishes. This was a four piece collection but I couldn't afford all four when I was purchasing them.

Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns

The first polish is Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns inspired by the 48th book in the series, this is a stunning a pale orange shimmer, fully opaque in 2 coats and lovely to apply. I have quite a few warm toned oranges so it was nice to a cooler toned one to my collection.

Monsters Blood

Monster Blood is a beautiful bright green shimmer, another 2 coater polish and really lovely formula. This one screams green goo to me which is definitely perfect for Halloween.

Welcome to the Deadhouse

The final polish I have to share with you was inspired by the very first book in the Goosebumps series, this is a beautiful bright purple with shimmer and fully opaque again in 2 coats. I think out of the 3 polishes this would probably be my favourite. 

Overall I really love these polishes they are perfect for Halloween and have an amazingly smooth formula. If you are looking for some classic Halloween polishes then I would definitely consider trying these. They are available now on the Sparklea Nail Polish website, each polish is priced at £6.50. You can also pick up the other polish in the collection which is a black with silver shimmer called Night of the Living Dummy. I will leave links to the Sparklea Nail Polish store and her social media down below for you. 

I would love to know which one of these takes your fancy?? Let me know down in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post and like I said I have plenty more Halloween goodies coming up so keep your eyes peeled for those. Thank you for reading lovelies and chat to you again soon.


  1. Fabulous swatches as always! I love how we had the same picks from this collection :D xx


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