Moonflower Polish New To Me Brand- Swatch & Review

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Welcome back my lovelies, Yay! It is finally Friday, I have some awesome polishes to share with you today from Nail Artisan. The lovely Alex sent me these Moonflower polishes to share with you all, so big big thank you to her. I have three beautiful polishes to share with you that can be worn as a full mani or used for stamping. 

Moonflower polish is a 5 free indie brand of stamping polish, this brand was created by the amazingly talented blogger Nadia from Mama Hearts Polish. They are all cruelty free and vegan friendly, they are all designed to be high in opacity so they are good for stamping.


The first polish I have to share with you is this green toned mint creme, this was fully opaque in 1-2 coats depending on application. As you can see this stamps beautifully over both black and white, I was really impressed with how opaque it was especially over the black polish. 

Mar Caribe (Caribbean Sea)

The second polish is this gorgeous Aqua blue metallic with green to purple shimmer and micro flakies. This is a really beautiful polish and it definitely gives me those tropical sea vibes, this took two coats to be fully opaque and stamped well over both the white and black. 


The last polish I have to share with you is this beautiful pearly white with red to gold to green shimmer. This was fully opaque in 2-3 coats depending on application and it stamps really nicely over the black, this polish definitely gives me those ethereal vibes.

Overall I was really impressed with how well these polishes stamped especially the Mint one, its really nice to have stamping polishes that can be used for both stamping and as a full manicure. There was no horrible smell from any of the polishes and applied nicely. 

These polishes are available now from UK supplier Nail Artisan you can purchase these in 15ml bottles for £7.99. I will definitely be looking into trying some more of these, especially the ones in a creme formula.

Big thank you again to Alex for sending me these to review for you guys, I would love to know your thoughts on these polishes??? Let me know down in the comments. 

Thank you for dropping by my lovelies, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Chat to you again soon. 


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