Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Holder Case Review

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Good Afternoon guys, I hope you all had a really nice weekend. Mine was spent saying goodbye to my Nan and Gramps house as they are moving soon. I have grown up in that house and so has my mum so it's quite an emotional time for all of us. I do have a really pretty product from Born Pretty Store to share with you today, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

As you all know I am a huge nail stamping fan so when I see new fun cases to store all my plates in I can't help but say give me, give me, give me LOL.

It has a beautiful yellow case and a zip will open it up, there are two different compartments one is for the smaller round plates. 

Then near the back their is space for the longer sized plates, it is a great way of keeping all your Born Pretty Store plates safe and in one place. It will house 8 of the larger plates and 16 of the smaller round plates. 

The design of this case is very cute and professional looking, to tie it all together there is a beautiful gold emblem with BP and some pretty yellow and white tassel's. The full size of the case is 16cm by 9.5cm, so its not too big and will fit into your bag nicely. This is an excellent way of taking your stamping plates to clients or if you are travelling and want to bring your stamping goodies with you. 

I love the design and the bright yellow colour just makes me smile, it fits the plates perfectly and is well made so unlikely to fall apart.

You can get this case now for £4.98 #40412 with free worldwide shipping. I will leave links to the Born Pretty Store and their social media down below so you can go check things out for yourself. It is their seventh anniversary this month and they are holding some fantastic sales, don't forget to use KHDB10 for 10% off all fully priced products. 

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Would love to know your thoughts on this case? Do you love the cute design as much as I do? Let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for reading my lovelies, and I hope to chat with you again soon. 


  1. That is such cute stamping plate storage.

  2. Looks like a great way to store them!

  3. I love yellow and smiley faces, so this is right up my alley!

  4. That looks perfect for holding the different shapes.

  5. What a cute case to store your stamping plates!

  6. So cute! The problem is that I will need about 10 of these, lol!

  7. This is genius! I have so many tossed into a drawer, it's so unorganized!

  8. Cute case! I might be picking it up, I've decided to buy some stamping plates and will need a storage solution for them.

  9. What a cute case! I need to pick one up asap!

  10. I really need a case like this! I have plates everywhere!

  11. What a genius idea! Why wasn't this invented ages ago? I love the cute design and want one NOW!

  12. I love that it holds various sizes plates!!!

  13. This holder is brilliant in that it can hold lots of different plates & I love the yellow colour.
    Vicky x


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