Born Pretty Store: Dual-ended Candy Colour Clear Jelly Stamper

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Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had a fabulous week and are enjoying this hot weather. Unfortunately this weather isn't helping my visual migraines so I have been struggling quite a bit with this heat. But enough about my daily woes, today I have a really pretty dual ended stamper from Born Pretty Store to share with you. Read on to find out more...

I was recently sent this dual ended stamper from the lovely people at Born Pretty Store, not only is this a clear stamper but it also has a marshmallow white head that can be used for a really useful and fun technique when it comes to stamping.

Straight out of the packet the clear head picked up the images without any need for priming, it has a medium firmness. There was no need to prime the stamper head and it picked up all the finer details of the image. 

Now that lovely extremely squish marshmallow head that is in the base of this stamper can be used for a really useful technique. If you squeeze the stamper together while picking up your image and then release it it will shrink the image you have just picked up by nearly half. You can also place the head into a smaller holder and once stamped and removed it will have the same effect. 

Overall a really great stamper for any beginner or the more advanced stamper. It stamps really nicely and that shrinking technique will come in very handy for all those with shorter nails. It will help you fit all of those larger designs you could not normally fit on your nails. 

This is available from the Born Pretty Store website £4.06 + free shipping (#41945). You can use my discount code KHDB10 for 10% off all fully priced items. 

I hope you enjoyed this quite review post and thank you to Born Pretty Store for sending me this stamper for review. Chat to you all again soon. 


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