Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Born Pretty Store Holographic Stickers & Odorless Latex Cuticle Guard- Swatch & Review

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Hello my lovelies, hope you are all having a really nice week. I know it wasn't long ago that I was complaining about the rain here, but me and the sun don't get along very well either LOL. Have been feeling so energy less and tired this past week, so everything is being done at a snails pace. Today I have the last of the items sent to me from the Born Pretty Store to share with you. 

The last few items sent to me were so gorgeous holographic nail stickers and their odourless latex cuticle guard. The stickers can be used one of two ways, you can use them as actual stickers and keep the holographic part on your nail or you can use it like a regular vinyl to create a design. I decided to go with option B. I might still use the rest I have for another design soon as they are really pretty.

Painted Polish By Lexi Bell Of The Ballroom

For my base polish I used this absolutely stunning polish from Painted Polish By Lexi, this was part of a duo that was inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It is a stunning golden yellow ultra holographic, the formula was lovely to work with and only took two coats to be fully opaque. 

One my base polish and top coat were fully dry I applied the vinyl to each of my nails, I then used the brown Born Pretty Store stamping polish to fill in the image. I pulled the vinyls off before the polish had a chance to dry, so it had crisp lines. The vinyl was lovely to work with really easy to apply to the nail and easy to remove. These are available now for $1.59  #23539

To protect my cuticles I used the lovely odourless liquid latex cuticle guard in the colour pink, I applied this before I stuck down the vinyls. It dries quickly and does not have any smell to it what so ever, it removed nicely and all in one piece too. This is available now for $2.99 #36614

Overall my experience with these two products was a positive one, the vinyls had really pretty designs and would work for short and long nails. The latex guard was really nice no latex smell out really easy to peel away. Another big thank you to the Born Pretty Store for providing me these items to review for you all. Don't forget you can use KHDB10 on all full priced items to receive 10% off your order. I will leave links to the Born Pretty Store and their social media down below.

As always have a great nail day sweeties and I will chat to you again on Friday.


  1. Love this mani! You managed to get such crisp lines with the vinyls too - amazing! xx

  2. Super cute! I'm curious how well the holo effect will hold up to quick dry top coat when used as a sticker.

  3. I absolutely love their cuticle guard! I never thought I would feel so strongly about something like that.

  4. I really love the assortment of vinyls! They are so detailed & fun!

  5. Oh my gosh, this mani is adorably perfect!

  6. Very cute mani! I want a cuticle guard asap, since I'm super-messy with my manis!

  7. Oh I love that painted polish. I love yellow gold on nails.

  8. I love the giraffe look!!! Perfect color combo!!!

  9. It's good you had such a positive experience with born pretty products. I find their website and delivery times a nightmare but still pick up a few bits here and there as they're such a bargain!
    Love the mani you created too.
    Vicky x

  10. I've been on the lookout for an affordable liquid latex - I'll have to check this one out! :)