April's Nail Art 2017 Round-Up

Another month has come and gone so it is time for my nail art round up, I was hoping to get this posted on Wednesday but it was a nightmare of a day so nothing got done. Things seem to be looking up now thankfully, so let's take a look at the mani's I managed to get done last month. 

In total, I managed 15 different nail art looks in April, one less than last month but I did manage to get quite a lot of polishes swatched too so I think that evens it out. Looking back I can see that I featured a lot of UK Indies in April, which is awesome because that is one of my 2017 nail resolutions. All original post on either the blog or Instagram will be linked above each picture, click them for more which products I used and how I created that nail art. 

Opulent Essences Ethereal Flowers

Occasionail Star Mani

Occasionail Butterfly mani

Bundle Monster Unicorn mani

26 Great Nail Art Idea's- Pastel to Bold Gradient

Princess Nail Lacquer Kawaii Hearts

Egg Hunt Mani

Easter Mani

Princess Nail Lacquer Arrow Mani

Harry Potter Mani

Nothing But Sunshine Mani

Uber Chic Puke Rainbows Mani

Kawaii Carrots & Tomatoes

Spring Bug Mani

26 Great Nail Art Idea's- Work Appropriate Nail Art

Not sure I could pick a favourite this month, I have been feeling like there has been a definite improvement in both my pictures and my nail art. I have been loving using the Clear Jelly Stamper plates for layered stamping, I did not want to remove those cute bugs. 

I would love to know which one is your favourite? I am not sure why but April seemed to drag on to me, definitely the slowest month I have had for this year so far. Really looking forward to seeing what May brings, it is my Mums 50th this month as well as my cousins 18th, so it will probably be quite a hectic month both for nail art and life in general. 

As always have a fantastic nail day and I will chat to all you wonderful people again on Monday. 


  1. I can't pick which one I like best, either.

  2. Great roundup! Love all of these, especially one with the bunny.

  3. It's hard to pick a favorite, but that Bundle Monster unicorn was for sure a favorite!

  4. Beautiful nail art. The veggie one is my favorite!

  5. The first one and the last one are my favorites.


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