China Glaze: FW 18 Ready To Wear Collection

Welcome back everyone, well that weekend went far too fast for me. Here we are at the beginning of another week and today I have an awesome post to share with you all. Today's post is a swatch and review of the China Glaze Fall 2018 collection. Read on to find out more....

It is very rare that I will pick up a mainstream collection, and even rarer for me to grab the whole thing. But these stunning Autumn appropriate polishes were ones that I just couldn't pass up. I purchased this from Nail Polish Direct. This is a 12 bottle collection so this post is quite picture heavy. Let's dive into this gorgeous fall collection.

Throwing Suede

The first polish from the collection is 'Throwing Suede' this is a very very light pink creme, I found this one to be a little bit more runny than the others, so my swatch pic is using 3 coats plus glossy top coat. Formula wasn't hard to handle, I would suggest using the three stroke method for this one just to avoid any streaking.

Pleather Weather

The second polish from the collection is 'Pleather Weather' a slate grey creme that dries to a matte finish. In my swatch pics I have used 2 coats for this one, it does dry fast as it is a matte so don't try and manipulate this one too much. 

Sample Sizing Me 

This polish is 'Sample Sizing Me' it is definitely one of my favourites from the collection, it is a dusty blue creme with a lovely formula. In my swatch pics I used 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. I really love this colour and think it works really well as a transition colour from Summer to Autumn. 

Mustard The Courage

This is definitely another winner for me from the collection, this is 'Mustard The Courage' this is a mustard yellow creme. In my swatch pics I used 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. This is a perfect go to shade for Autumn.

Central Parka 

The next polish is another quintessential Autumn shade, this is 'Central Parka' a olive green creme. This took 2 coats to be fully opaque and the formula was really nice to work with. 

You Don't Know Jacket

The next polish is one of the darker one from the collection, this is 'You Don't Know Jacket' a navy blue creme. My swatch pics are 2 coats with glossy top coat but I definitely think you could get away with 1 thick coat for this one. When applying just be careful around your skin as this could stain any dry cuticle as it is very highly saturated.

Haute Blooded

Now let's get into some beautifully shimmery polishes, this is 'Haute Blooded' a shimmery oxblood red that dries to a matte finish. This took 2 coats and was really nice to work with, it's a great polish for both Autumn and Halloween. 

Vest Friends

Up next we have 'Vest Friends' a gorgeous shimmery dark emerald green, another great colour for this time of year. My swatch pics are 2 coats with a glossy top coat. Formula was really nice to work with applied evenly.

Chic Happens

Here we have 'Chic Happens' China Glaze say this is a lilac but on the nail it looks like a metallic silver to me, it took 2 coats to be opaque for me. I would be careful when applying this one as that metallic formula can look quite streaky if manipulated too much. 

Swatch Out!

Another stunning shimmery metallic looking polish is 'Swatch Out!', this is definitely a stand out Autumn polish for me. This is a beautiful rusty orange that took 2 coats to be opaque. I really love this one, reminds me of all those crunchy Autumn leaves on the ground. 

Pay It Fashion Forward

My stand out favourite from the collection is 'Pay it Fashion Forward'. this is a gorgeous deep mulberry purple with a strong pink shimmer. My swatch pics show 2 coats plus glossy top coat. The mixing of purple and pink is always a winner for me and the formula was lovely to apply. 

Aut-umm I need That

The final polish from the Fall collection is 'Aut-umm I Need That' this is a such a pretty polish. It has a red jelly base that is packed full of micro gold glitter that makes it look like it is shining from within. My swatch pics are 2 coats plus a glossy top coat, another fabulous formula to apply too. 

Phew! I think that was one of my longest posts in a very long time, these beauties are totally worth it though. My stand out favourites from the collection are Pay It Fashion Forward, Swatch Out!, Sample Size Me, and Mustard the courage. But honestly I really love all of them, this collection was so much fun to swatch and definitively got me excited for Autumn. 

As I mention I pick this collection up from Nail Polish Direct, the entire collection cost me £29.95 (insert shocked emoji face). I couldn't believe it when I saw that price, it also comes with the promotional stand to display these beauties. 

They are also available individually for £4.95, each bottle is 14ml so you get plenty of product for the price.

I would love to know which ones catch you eye? Let me know down in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you back here soon with a Harry Potter inspired collection from Pampered Polish. 


  1. Such a good bargain price for all those polishes! A really pretty collection lovely for autumn


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