Digit-al Dozen Does Recreating Your First Blog Post: Day 2

Welcome back everyone, well I am sure you can guess that today's post is another Digit-al Dozen mani. This one is more of a inspired by version than a recreation. Read on to find out more...

This mani is definitely appropriate for this time of year, and I love a good rose gold, especially this beautiful duo 'Dreams are Forever' and 'Enchanted Rose' from Polished for Days, I purchased these from Rainbow Connection a few weeks ago. 

As I previously mentioned this was much more a redesign rather than a recreation, I just wanted to try something different. I did love this mani when I first started out but now looking back it feels like the gold over took the base colour. 

For the leaves design I did actually do a smoosh with the two different rose toned gold polishes from Polishes for Days but I am not sure it really worked as they blend into each other because of the holo in both polishes.

Overall I much prefer the design of this recreation and I loved wearing this mani, perfect for this time of year. I would love to know your thoughts, let me know down in the comments which you prefer?? 

I will link all the other ladies lovely mani's for Day 2 in the In-linkz down below.

I hope you enjoyed this second post and I will see you back here tomorrow for Day 3 of the Digit-al Dozen week. :)


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