Toppers: Glitter Universal Top Coat Review

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Welcome back my lovelies, I hope this week has been going well for you. It has been half term so Lexi and myself have been finding lots of activities to keep us busy. Today's post is a new gel polish brand that has recently launched called Toppers. This is a company that are selling a wide range of glitter filled top coats to change up all those plain cremes in your collection (all of my swatches are over Kiki London gels). Read on to find out more...

I was contacted a while ago by the company Toppers asking if I would like to review some of their upcoming newly released top coats. Of course I said yes. These toppers are gel top coats filled with different glitters, this means you can make hundreds of colour combo's with a minimal amount of nail polishes. All of the Toppers dry to that gorgeous shiny finish and are no wipe, which means no need to take off that tacky layer. They all cure in 30 seconds under an LED lamp. So let's have a look at some of these beauties.

Top Secret  

The first topper is called 'Top Secret' this is a gorgeous iridescent topper that will change the look and colour of your base colour. When used over a black it shifts between a bright blue to a purple. Only one coat is needed to get this gorgeous effect. 

Top Cutie

The next gorgeous topper I have to show you is 'Top Cutie' this is a clear base full of purple and pink metallic glitters and a dusting of silver micro glitter. Again only one coat is needed and you can manipulate all of those glitters easily to wear you want them on the nail. 

Top Dollar 

The next topper is 'Top Dollar' a clear base packed with fine gold micro glitters, really gives those nails a sparkly pretty finish. I loved this over the orange as they work so well together, again only one coat needed to change that base colour. 

Top Caress

The third topper I have is 'Top Caress' a clear base filled with silver micro glitter, this has the same sort of effect as Top Dollar. It adds just that extra bit of sparkle to your plain creme mani's. Again one coat is enough to get that gorgeous sparkly effect.

Top Desire

The next topper is called 'Top Desire' this is a clear base packed full of red and gold glitters, this is a perfect one for Valentines Day, Halloween and especially for Christmas. All of these toppers level out really nicely so you get a gorgeous smooth finish no matter how much you manipulate the glitters before curing. 

Top Night

The final topper I have to show you is 'Top Night' a  clear base packed with black white and blue glitters. This one is a really great one for Winter especially over that light blue base. Again one coat is all you need and it dries super shiny and smooth. 

Overall I really like these gel toppers they take your mani to a new level and paired with nail art you could really come up with hundreds of different looks. All of these toppers are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Because they are a no wipe top coat there is no need to wipe of the tacky layer and with a 30 second cure you are good to go. There little portable lamp is perfect for when you are on the move, it will fit nicely in your bag or suitcase. 

All of these are available now from the Toppers website, each topper retails for £11.95 for a 11ml bottle. They have launched with 20 different shades to choose from and offer £3.95 shipping or free shipping in the UK for orders over £20. They do offer worldwide shipping but costs will vary depending on which country you come from. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on these new toppers, let me know down in the comments which one you would like to try. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post and I will see you back here soon with some pretty Halloween glitter to show you. 


  1. I have the one with the holo strands in it, and it is stunning. I painted it over a bright pink and it really transformed the look. I personally found the formula quite thick, but I guess it has to be. It levelled beautifully and no sticky up bits after curing. I have Top Secret and plan to use it for a Christmas night snow scene. Susannahdudley

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  3. I’ve just bought one of these and it’s very thick and gloopy, did not level out on the nail and actually started setting on the lip of the bottle and the brush has become stiff after just one nail! Did anyone else have this problem?

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