Meebox: September 2018 Unboxing & Review

Welcome back everyone, can't believe how fast that weekend seemed to go. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, I managed to get quite a lot done around the house and swatching some really pretty polishes that I will be showing you later this week. Today's post is an unboxing of last months Meebox, read on to find out more...

Last months Meebox theme was Aphrodite, I was really looking forward to seeing what would be added to our box this time. There were 4 coloured polishes included and a matte top coat, on top of that we were given 3 nail art items. Let's take a closer look into this box. 

Zoya Satin Ana 

The first polish is Zoya Satin 'Ana' this is a really pretty nude almond creme in the satin formula, so its dries to a beautiful velvet matte finish. For my swatch pics I used 3 coats, best to use the three stroke method for this one as it dries quite fast between coats. 

Nails Inc Baker Street 

The next polish is probably my favourite out of this months box, this is Nails Inc Gel Effect 'Baker Street'. This is a really pretty cobalt blue creme, this took 2 coats and dries to that beautiful glossy finish. 

Cuccio Russian Opulence 

The final coloured polish from the box is Cuccio 'Russian Opulence' a really pretty yellow gold, this one can get streaky if manipulated too much. This took around 2-3 coats to be fully opaque. 

Prism Polish Frosting Matte Top Coat

The final polish items from this box is this really pretty matte top coat, this dries really fast and gives the nails a really pretty matte finish. 

The three nail art items that were included were some nail vinyls from 'Whats Up Nails' some really pretty gold shells from IZ Beauty. Then the final thing was some gold striping tape. 

We have just been told that this will be the last monthly box from Meebox, they are opening a new 24/7 shop that will offer items all the time not just at the end of the month. Previous boxes will be available to purchase again and they will release new monthly themes on a quarterly basis. So keep an eye on their Instagram for updates. 

Let me know your thoughts on this last box, I really liked the Nails Inc for this box that blue is just so vibrant. I hope you enjoyed this post, I have an awesome Harry Potter themed collection from Pampered Polish coming later this week. See you back here soon. 


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