Digit-al Dozen Does TV Shows: Day 1

Welcome back my lovelies, well I just had an absolutely awesome weekend as my nail bestie Becca from A Certain Becca Nails came down for a visit. We had a fabulous time watching Disney movies, doing nails and having lots and lots of junk food. Thank you for an amazing time hun, Lexi really loved seeing you. Today's post is starting off another Digit-al Dozen week with the theme of TV shows, this is probably one of my most favourite themes so far. So let's take a look at what I did for my day 1 mani...

One of my all time favourite TV shows since I was quite a little girl, of course I am talking about The Simpson's. I can re watch episodes of The Simpson's again and again, I will find it fun to watch and always seem to giggle at the same jokes. 

For the base of this main I used a nice bright sky blue creme and then used a small bit of a gradient sponge to create a cloud effect, just like the one at the beginning of each Simpson's episode. 

The stamping plate I used for this mani is Loja BBF nails 68 and I purchased it from UK supplier Nail Artisan for £7.50. I also stamped using Painted Polish Midnight Mischief; which I think might be my new favourite black stamping polish as it is super opaque and picks up really nicely. 

I am super excited to see what everyone else has done for this months theme, as always all of their lovely mani's are linked in the In-Linkz down below. 

I hope you enjoyed my first mani for this week's theme, I know I will definitely be using this Simpson's plate again in the future. See you back here for another Digit-al Dozen mani and another one of my favourite TV shows. 


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