Monday, 22 October 2018

The Edge Nails: Amy G Platinum Gels & Creative Nail Art Gels Trial Packs

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Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend. I am still recovering from taking my little girl to Disney On Ice on Saturday. It was so awesome seeing how excited she was, we came back after a wonderful day out with our voices hoarse from singing our favourite Disney songs. Today's post is just as exciting for me as Disney on Ice was for Lexi. I am really happy to announce that I recently became a brand Ambassador for The Edge Nails. So I have two awesome gel trial packs to share with you today, read on to find out more...

A massive thank you to the lovely people at The Edge Nails for sending me these products to review and share with you all. The two packs I was sent were Amy G's platinum gels and her creative nail art gel. We will start with the platinum gels, this range has 6 shades to choose from and I have two of them to show you today. 

Rose Gold Platinum Gel

The first Platinum gel is Rose Gold, this is a really pretty rose gold gel that dries down to a very shiny metallic finish. I applied this gel with their No 5 Flat Gel polish brush which is included in the trial pack and it took 2 coats to reach full opacity. It went on really smoothly and not much product was needed to cover each nail. This takes 60 sec under a LED lamp and 2 mins under UV lamps. 

Copper Platinum Gel

The second platinum gel that was sent to me is the stunning 'Copper Platinum Gel' this has a clear base and is absolutely packed full of copper micro glitters. This took 3 coats to be fully opaque, again I applied it with the No 5 flat brush and it went on really easily. It takes 60 secs in LED lamp or 2 mins under a UV lamp. The platinum gel trial pack retails for £22.50 including tax. 

Creative Nail Art Gels 

The second trial pack that was sent to me was the Creative nail art gels, these are highly pigmented gels that can be applied with the Amy G Fine detail brush which is included in the pack. They come in two different colours black and white and you can draw on any design that you can think of. For the white gel I did these spiked half moon nails to go with the Rose Gold platinum gel. 

Then for the black gel I first stamped on the pretty flower design and free handed the flower on my ring finger to act as an accent nail. This gel was really opaque and simple to use, as you all know my free hand is not the best so I am sure you all could get a better result than me. The detail brush is really thin and works perfectly for any fine details you might want to add to your design. The Creative Nail Art Gel Trial Pack retails for £22.80 including tax. 

Overall I really enjoyed these trial packs, this was my first time using a brush to apply gel and trying out some gels for fine detail nail art. I really enjoyed giving this a go and Copper platinum gel will make a fantastic accent nail for the upcoming holiday parties. All of the products are also available to purchase individually. 

For those of you who don't know The Edge Nails is a UK company that sell all things nail related, they have a huge variety of products that are good for both professional  nail techs and self taught nail addicts. You can purchase anything you could want or need from nail tips for extensions to plenty of nail tools that will help you achieve the perfect mani. 

They have also given my a discount code to share with you all so you can save money off your next purchase. For 10% off your order enter FAIRYTALESNAILS10 at checkout.

I would love to know your thoughts on these gel products, let me know down in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you back here soon for more awesome nail goodness. 


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