KB Shimmer Snowflake Polishes Swatch and Review

Hello my lovely readers, well we only have 2 days to go until Christmas. I can not believe how quickly this month has gone, I have so many more ideas for Christmas manicures and I have just received my Bundle Monster Christmas plates. I guess they will have to wait until next year, I must admit I love the fact that my stamping plates can be used again and again. When I'm buying nail vinyls or decals I don't like to spend an awful lot on them as they can only be used once, but with a stamping plate I think it's definitely worth those extra few pennies.

So lets get into why we are here, today I have some stunning polishes from KB Shimmer. This is a indie seller located in Indiana, there polishes are 3 free and does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or dibutyl phthalate. They sell all types of nail polish from cremes to crelly's they also stock mani shots, decals and nail art tool as well as some hand and body lotions. I only own three polishes from them at the moment but all three have fab formula's and are really unique.

The polishes that I have to show you today are two jelly's crammed full with snowflake shaped glitters.

The first polish is called Snow Much Fun, it has a beautiful icy blue base with small silver and blue hex glitters, white glitters in all different sizes and the main attraction the big snowflake glitters that make this polish so unique. I managed to get this fully opaque in 3 coats and I love the amount of depth this polish has, it's like looking into a frozen lake and seeing all the different glitters floating around. This was released in the winter 2013 blogger collection, this was made with Victoria from Manicurator, she wanted a polish that would represent the first snow fall, I think this polish does that perfectly. 

This is a gorgeous polish on its own and it would look even better layered over a light blue a similar colour to the base. This will definitely be seen on my nails again before winter is finished that is for sure. This beauty is still for sale on the KB shimmer website I would highly suggest grabbing it before it is sold out or discontinued.
The second polish I have to show you is Snow Flaking way this has a dark blue jelly base with silver holographic hex glitters it also has purple and light blue small hex glitters and the same large snowflake glitters that are in Snow Much Fun. This is great on its own as you get that same squidgy jelly effect and there is a gorgeous depth to it. This came out in the second half of the Winter 2013 collection, it is no longer for sale on their website but if your lucky like me then you might be able to pick one up from a Facebook sale site. 

I am in love with both of these KB Shimmer polishes they are highly unique and give the best look possible, it would also be great layered over a dark blue or indigo creme polish. 

I hope you have enjoyed these gorgeous KB Shimmer jelly polishes, and I look forward to wearing these in the next few months. As always I hope you are having a great nail day, I have another festive nail art manicure coming up tomorrow so please stay tuned. Chat to you all very soon,  


  1. These are my favourite polishes this winter, love those snowflake glitters. So glad I ordered Snow Much Fun! :) x


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