Christmas Pudding Manicure

Hello my fabulous readers, well it's the 5th of December and we are only 20 days away from Christmas. There are many things I love about Christmas, having all my family in one place, lots of pressies under the tree and lots and lots of food. One of my favourite Christmas memories is lighting the pudding on fire, seeing those bright blue flames dancing around is always a fabulous end to a great Christmas dinner.
The first thing I had to do was choose a good brown polish that would be good for the base of my Christmas puddings. The Color Club from my Novembers Meebox was the perfect colour for the job, Positively Posh is opaque in one easy to apply coat. When I was brushing this on it seriously did feel like I was brushing melted milk chocolate onto my nails. Once this had fully dried I used my top coat to seal in the base colour and then started to make my dripped icing. 
To make my drips of icing I picked up my largest dotting tool and used China Glaze White on White to create my drips. First I created three separate dots about half way down my nail, then I used my dotting tool to join these dots together. Once my 'icing' was dry I used my top coat again to seal in my design, I then used my clean up brush for the mess around my cuticles and sides of my nails. 
Once I knew my top coat was fully dry I used my nail art pens from to draw on the berries and holly. To do this I just drew three very small circles with the red pen in the middle of my nail, I then placed two green leaves on either side of the berries. Unfortunately my HK Girl top coat did smudge my berries when I used it, I probably didn't leave it long enough to dry, my bad. 
So here they are my Christmas puddings looking very delicious if I do say so myself. I am quite pleased with the final design, just wishing my berries hadn't smeared I think it would look a bit better without the red smudge. But as I said that is probably my fault for not waiting long enough to do my final layer of top coat. 

I hope you have enjoyed this Christmas nail art post and there will hopefully be plenty more to come over the next 20 days. I also treated myself to some new Moyou London festive plates recently, so I will hopefully have swatches and a review up for them soon. As always hope you are all having a fab nail day, and stay tuned for some more Christmas inspired mani's. 


  1. These are literally the cutest nails I've seen this month! Love your Christmas Puddings :) x

    1. Awwh thanks Huni, my mums asked me to do them for her lol I think it's going to turn into a trend lol x


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