Novembers Meebox unboxing and review- Taupe to me

Hell my wonderful readers, hope everyone had a lovely weekend mine wasn't really eventful just the usual dinner at my Nan's on Sunday. With this cold weather and it getting darker earlier and earlier a Sunday roast is just what I needed. Today I have the unboxing and review of Novembers Meebox, this months theme was Taupe to me. Now I am not going to lie I am not a huge fan of taupe, I just don't think browns and nudes suit my really pale skin. I much prefer adding a splash of colour to my nails rather than going for the manikin hand look. However I was pleasantly surprised to find some very unique polishes in my box and some great treatments for your nails in the upcoming winter months.
When I opened my box first thing I saw was the lovely colorful tissue paper they use every month, this gets me so excited to see what goodies are waiting inside for me. Once I carefully pulled up the sticker I found my polishes sitting safely in a bed of paper worms, I love how they use these for every box, you know your polishes are perfectly safe when they are on their journey to your door. 
This month we received three polishes and two treatments, like I said i'm not a huge fan of the colour brown but these polishes are surprisingly quite nice when they have been swatched.
Starting with Color Clubs Positively Posh, this is a lovely chocolate brown creme opaque in 1 single coat. The formula is really smooth and isn't too thick or thin, when I look at the bottle this polish reminds me so much of melted milk chocolate, yum yum. You can buy this polish at for £5.00.
Next up is Nubar's Spark Prizm, this is a light brown holographic polish. For the swatch I used 2 coats to get it opaque it is quite a sheer polish when first applied, but it does build up really well. This would be a great polish for an office environment or an interview as it is not an in your face colour but still has that bit of sparkle we all know and love. You can get this polish at for £8.99.
The last polish in this months box was NCLA Nudes Volume V, this is a 5 free luxury nail brand. This polish is a nude creme opaque in 1 coat, the formula was easy to work with and when applied left no streak marks. You can buy this polish on for £10.95.
This month we also received two different nail treatments, these Cuccio quick dry drops help dry your nail polish rapidly. This means less time waiting for your nail polish to dry; I usually use a quick dry top coat so don't tend to use drops but I did try these out for myself and I must say that the polish dries incredibly quickly. For a mum like me these will come in super handy as I wont have to sit down and wait for my polish to dry or worry about it smudging if I accidentally touch it, which happens quite often especially when Lexi is in the mood to play. You can buy these quick dry drops at for £4.95.
The last item in this months box was this Dr's Remedy Enriched nail care treatment, this is a hydration nail moisture treatment. This will be perfect for winter as it will keep our nails moisturized and healthy.This has biotin and pentavitin to help your nails retain moisture which helps prevent them from chipping and peeling. It says to use once a week, so I will probably add this into my weekly care routine and see how it goes. I will let you know how I get on. You can buy this treatment from for £14.60.

Overall I am pleased with this months Meebox, whilst these aren't the particular colours I myself would choose they do have a great formula and the two nail treatments are great extras. I am really happy I have subscribed to Meebox, and to get all these fantastic polish's for only £20 a month is a great bargain. If you haven't already subscribed go grab yours now as Decembers box will be shipped early so we get it in time for Christmas, this months theme will be Ice Queen. I can't wait to see what they come up with, click here to secure your awesome box now! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and would love to know your thoughts on Novembers box, as always hope you are having a fab nail day and I will see all you lovely peeps in the next post.


  1. Great post :) It's a bit of a shame we're not brown fans as the polish formulas are all really impressive! x

    1. I know it's such a shame taupe isn't our thing :/ but these polishes are fab for formula x


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