Snowman Manicure using Danglefoot Nail Polish Eye Candy

Hello my lovely readers, I can not believe that it is the 12th of December all ready. Only another 13 days until Christmas, I am happy to say I have got all my Christmas shopping done and dusted so at least that is one less thing to worry about. My boyfriend has told me that he has brought me nothing but nail polish for Christmas so I am super excited to find out what goodies he has picked. I will definitely be doing a Christmas haul post to show all of you fellow addicts my loot. 

Today I have another festive inspired manicure for you all, I recently spent some of my pennies on some more Danglefoot Nail Polish. Among the beauties that I acquired from the lovely Hayley is this gorgeous dark blue polish called Eye Candy. I am utterly besotted with this polish, I mean what is not to love it is jam packed with iridescent blue and rainbow glitters. When this polish hits the light it look absolutely magical, it has a dark blue jelly base and is opaque in 2 coats. On her Etsy site she does warn you that this polish is quite thick due to all the glitters jam packed into it, but I had no problems with application and would highly recommend this polish to anyone who loves dark blue and glitter.

I did wear Eye Candy by itself for a day and I could not stop looking at my nails, every time it would catch the light I would see another colour emerge from the blue jelly base. After I was done gawking at my nails I decided to use my Ejiubas Christmas plate and stamp snowflakes onto all my nails except my ring finger. Because I had already done a simple snowflake mani using my Uber Chic Christmas plate I wanted this one to be a bit different. The Ejiubas Christmas plate is fantastic the images are etched really deep so there was no problem picking them up. Once I had stamped my snowflakes I top coated them to seal them in and then cleaned up around my cuticles with my clean up brush. 

For my accent nail I chose to use this cute little snowman from the buffet style side of the Ejiubas Christmas plate. I didn't want to just stamp him on as he was so I used my Uber mat to make him into a decal. To do this I first stamped him down onto my mat and then coloured in his carrot with some orange nail polish and a really small dotting tool. I then used a red nail polish to colour in his scarf and green for the tiny piece of holly on his top hat. Once those colours were dry enough I used a larger dotting tool to colour in his whole body and face in China Glaze's White on White. I then left that to dry and then top coated my whole design. After about 20 minutes I released the edges of my decals with a plastic cuticle pusher and picked him up. I used a small bit of top coat on my nail and stuck him down where I wanted him.
Unfortunately my nails are not long enough to fit the whole snowman on so I did have to cut off some of the bottom half. I think he turned out quite well for my second attempt at creating a decal. I did go out of the lines a small bit but I am loving the little cute characters I can create with this advanced stamping technique.  

I am also loving this Ejiubas Christmas plate there are so many designs to choose from, the single images on the front of the plate are fab for this time of year and some of them would even be great used all year round. The buffet style image on the back of the plate has everything you could ever need to create some beautiful stamping decals, and that Santa riding his sleigh is perfect for going across all of your nails as if he is flying across the night sky. I brought my plates from as that is the only way you can get them in the UK, if you live in America you could order this set which comes with the Halloween plate from as well. You can also get their plates from there website which I will leave a link to here.

I am hoping to utilise this plate a few more times in the next 13 days, and the great thing about stamping plates is they can be used year after year. As long as they are taken care of properly there are endless designs you can come up with. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and my little snowman manicure, have a great weekend and a great nail day. Hope to see you again soon for another fun filled festive manicure. 


  1. Love this! Your snowman is the cutest thing ever. That Danglefoot is gorgeous - I don't normally like darker blues but the jelly finish mixed with glitter gives it an amazing depth! x


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